Tellicherry Trading Co

Homemade soaps and other sundries

Tellicherry Trading Co is led by mother and daughter Nancy Jane and Mickki, long-time Colorado residents who make soaps, sundries and other handcrafted items. For eight years, Mickki led Colorado's "buy local" movement through her non-profit work, and has moved from advocating for local businesses to working alongside them to provide unique, high-quality goods. 

Why soap? 

We're inspired by making common, ordinary things more wonderful. Soap is one of the most humble and ubiquitous items we use every day, but how often do we think about what goes into our soap? 

Commercial soaps have developed practices which reduce the quality of soap -- for one, they remove glycerin, a natural by-product of the soap making process, from their finished bars. Commercial soaps may also add hardening agents or detergents. We use low-quality, mass produced soap, and then wonder why our skin is so dry!

In comparison, handmade soap retains all of the glycerin and other skin nourishing components of the soap. Our small-scale production methods reduce the amount of chemical agents entering our waterways, and you can rest assured you're supporting other local and independent businesses in your community. 

If you'd like to carry these great products in your own shop, drop us a line.